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Payment Innovation Day - le 13 juin - Paris
Publié le : Le 27/05/2013

The Paris Region Economic Development Agency (PREDA) announces the second edition of the Payment Innovation Day held on June 13th 2013, in Paris, organized in partnership with Lobary, with the BayPay Forum, with the Paris Region Lab, with Edgar Dunn & Company and with our two clusters "Finance Innovation" & "Secure Electronic Transactions".

TES gets the BRONZE label
Publié le : Le 31/07/2012

During the national evaluation process, our cluster was also evaluated at an european level and was rewarded by a BRONZE label.

The overall approach behind the Quality Label developed by the European Cluster Excellence Initiative is to create an independent, voluntary proof of cluster management excellence which is accepted and recognised all over Europe.

This label is the only one recognized by the European Commission.

World Equestrian Games 2014: Meeting & Networking - Services around ticketing
Prix : Tuesday September 25th - Forum Digital (Colombelles)
Publié le : Le 23/07/2012

The organising Committee of the 2014 WEG in Normandy and Pôle TES are organizing an informative and networking session on services around ticketing.

The objective of the session is to create innovative services around the ticketing system and open opportunities for TES members to show their skills.

London: IP EXPO 2012 & B2B meetings
Prix : October 16-18th
Publié le : Le 20/07/2012

The entrepreneurs club of the CCI of Caen is offering a 2-days business trip in London on ICT technology.

The Digital Forum - a workshop for digital innovation
Prix : Colombelle's EffiScience Science Park
Publié le : Le 26/06/2012

The Digital Forum, based in Colombelle's EffiScience Science Park, is a 1,000m2 facility dedicated to digital innovation and information and communication technology.

Emerging project session
Publié le : Le 14/06/2010

E-secure Transactions day: starting at 9.00am-12.00pm – EffiScience Science Park
Principle: Each project leader will present to the members its project idea in 3 slides and in 5 minutes.
Following the presentation: networking, declaration of interests and project meetings…

Publication of a set of specifications of the Ulysse working group
Publié le : Le 07/01/2009

France's main telecoms and transport operators have finalised the first part of their work on defining a contactless public transport ticketing service using mobile phones.
The Ulysse group is today publishing a set of specifications: http://ulysse.pole-tes.com/

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