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ADAPT (english version)


Présentation et objectifs

The ADAPT project is cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the framework of the INTERREG V A France (Channel) – England programme.

Description :

The ADAPT project will aim at compensating for mobility difficulties of disabled people and the elderly, through the development of a smart electric powered wheelchair (EPW) and a driving simulator using virtual reality.

ADAPT will improve standard EPW currently used by health services in the UK and France, by adding driving assistance technologies such as obstacle avoidance, route selection and autonomous driving.

The EPW will also report users’ health data in real time through an internet connection. This system will benefit severely disabled users and enable health professionals to monitor changes in user health.

ADAPT will also develop an EPW simulator platform using virtual reality. This will give the user an immersive experience of the smart and connected EPW and train them to drive in everyday life. Training modules will be provided to healthcare professionals and address a gap in the current healthcare education. Project platforms will be captured in training protocols for the benefit of users and healthcare providers.

In total, the project could concern 300 000 people using EPW in the Channel area and train more than 15 000 healthcare professionals.

The project will also have economic benefits within the Channel cross-border area, as 60 companies will be involved in the production of components for both the simulator and the smart wheelchair.

Deliverables :

  • A smart and connected electric powered wheelchair (EPW)
  • An EPW simulator platform using virtual reality to train users to drive the wheelchair in everyday life.
  • Training of healthcare professionals in assistive technologies/social assistive robotics.

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Mots clés

Mobility, Smart electric powered wheelchair, Virtual reality.

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Funding scheme



8 779 473€ (5 944 341€ from ERDF)


48 months

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